Which AntiVirus is better?

Eric C.

Eric C. Rédacteur spécialisé en technologie

Both Norton and Malwarebytes have reputations for being high-quality antivirus solutions. They protect you from a wide range of malware and provide anti-phishing tools that don’t require additional browser extensions. The main difference is that Malwarebytes guarantees a 90% detection rate for infections, while Norton claims a 100% protection rate. However, if you’re a novice, Malwarebytes’ simple interface may be perfect. It uses a pop-up notification system, so you’ll never miss a threat message. Both companies provide a lot of support. They offer easy-to-follow videos and live chat services, plus Norton has an accessible phone line. Malwarebytes also provides an innovative support tool which allows you to conveniently check back through open tickets to find remedies. For the price, Malwarebytes is the cheaper product, but you do miss out on some of the more advanced features available on Norton such as a two-way firewall.

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robert heinemann
top antivirus
19 févr. 2019
works wonders. Had installed other antivirus but computer had too many issues especially the browser kept popping fake search engines. malwarebytes ha...Afficher davantage
Je n'ai jamais été déçu
1 févr. 2019
J’utilise Norton depuis de nombreuses années comme antivirus et je n’ai jamais été déçu. Les prix sont élevés, mais je n’ai jamais eu de problèmes ave...Afficher davantage

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Pas aussi bon que vous le pensez
31 janv. 2019
Malheureusement, cet antivirus ne supprime pas tous les virus.

Cette évaluation a été traduite depuis notre site en anglais dans l’intérêt de n...Afficher davantage

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Eric C.

Eric C. Rédacteur spécialisé en technologie

While Norton provides a greater guarantee and a more complex set of features, Malwarebytes is ideal for new users. If you’re not very tech savvy, the straightforward interface and extensive support tool will help you set up your antivirus easily. If you’re more experienced with software, investing in Norton’s suite will give you the greatest range of security tools.

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